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TOPLA (Topla)

TOPLAは北海道滝川市の総合商業ビル。JR滝川駅前、駅前交番隣に位置する。 6階建ての複合施設で、1983年7月~1987年10月に開設されている。 かつては2階にジャズダンススタジオsuga、3階に滝川駅前歯科クリニックが入居し、「MARY QUANT」や「IGUREGU」などファッション店舗が入っていたらしい。 2014年7月時点で使用されている様子がなく、3階の歯科跡の看板文字が残っているが、屋上広告塔は何も貼られていない。隣接建物が解体された後に残る「原爆型トマソン」と呼ばれる痕跡が見られる。 2022年7月時点で1階入り口ガラスドアの中は天井からライトが落ち、建物内にも関わらず草木で埋もれている。建物後部の形状からマンションを兼ねていたらしいが、裏の入り口も草木に覆われ使用している様子がない。


TOPLA is a general commercial building in Takikawa, Hokkaido. Located in front of JR Takikawa station, next to the police box in front of the station. It is a 6-story complex facility that was opened from July 1983 to October 1987. It seems that there used to be a jazz dance studio suga on the 2nd floor, a dental clinic in front of Takikawa station on the 3rd floor, and fashion stores such as "MARY QUANT" and "IGURE GU". It does not seem to be used as of July 2014, and the signboard of the dental trace on the 3rd floor remains, but nothing is pasted on the rooftop advertising tower. Traces called "Atomic bomb type Thomasson" that remain after the adjacent building is demolished can be seen. As of July 2022, the lights fell from the ceiling inside the glass door at the entrance on the 1st floor, and even though it was inside the building, it was buried in vegetation. It seems that it doubled as an apartment because of the shape of the rear part of the building, but the entrance on the back is also covered with vegetation and does not seem to be used.

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