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T病院(廃リハビリ病院、湯河原町)、観音聖地、大伊豆ホテル (T Byōin, Kannon Seichi , Dai Izu Hoteru)

T病院は神奈川県足柄下郡湯河原町にあった病院。 1973年開院、1996年6月30日閉院。元々、旅館か保養所だった建物を改装したらしく、内部は古い旅館の面影を残していた。リハビリ病院だったという。 地図の場所は同病院と混乱されていたが、「観音聖地の廃墟群」という別件の可能性が高い。 また、更地になっている部分は大伊豆ホテルの跡地らしい。

T hospital (waste rehabilitation hospital, Yugawara-machi), sanctuary of Kannon, Izu hotel

T hospital was a hospital located in Yugawara-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa prefecture. Opened in 1973, closed on June 30, 1996. Originally it seemed that the building which was a ryokan or a recreation facility seemed to be refurbished, and the interior remained the aspect of the old inn. It was said that he was a rehabilitation hospital. The location of the map was confused with the same hospital, but there is a high possibility of another case called "the group of ruins of the Kannon sacred place". In addition, it seems to be the site of the Izu hotel.

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