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NKエージェント(旧割烹小幡) (Nk Ējento)

NKエージェント(旧割烹小幡)は山形県酒田市にある割烹跡。 昭和元年に建てられた酒田市内でも珍しい洋館の2階建てで、十数年前まで実際に料亭として営業されていた。 映画「おくりびと」劇中で登場する「NKエージェント」のロケ地として使われた。

NK agent (former cooking cooking Oda)

NK agent (former cooking Komata) is a culinary trace in Sakata City, Yamagata prefecture. It was a two-story building of a Western-style building, which is rare in Sakata city built in the Showa era, and it was actually opened as a restaurant as far as ten years ago. It was used as the location of the "NK agent" that appears in the movie "Departures" play.

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